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A Strong History…and the Legacy Continues

Pratt Homes is a legacy builder that has been building homes of all shapes and sizes for everyone, no matter what stage of the family life cycle they’re in: from young adulthood to retirement years. The family’s tradition of building in Barrie, Ontario started in 1890, and has continued for six generations.


“The strength of the people throughout history, and all that remains of it today, largely results from the keen sense which they ever cherished of the importance of the home and the family. The house, the city, and labour, are all important to the conserving of the strength of the family”
– G. Campbell Morgan

Award Winning Builder

Pratt Homes is honored to be recognized as an award-winning builder for excellence and innovation in multiple categories.

Awards continue to encourage us as a legacy builder to move forward in new home construction for the future. Heartfelt appreciation extends to all our homeowners who are part of the Pratt Homes Family. The legacy continues…

Building Homes for Families for Over a Century

View our interactive map below to discover the past and present communities by Pratt Homes.

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